C I Network Technologies Pvt Ltd Blog http://www.cintindia.com/blog/ Latest Products Wed, 04 Oct 2023 06:41:13 +0530 en-us http://www.cintindia.com How do sensors slide an Automatic Sensor Glass Door? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-do-sensors-slide-an-automatic-sensor-glass-door_10577.htm Fri, 14 May 2021 15:49:22 +0530 An Automatic Sensor Glass Door would open as soon as it senses weight, movement, light or sound. The sensors at the door would trigger the automatic mechanism that will, in turn, move the gates. It is new age security equipment and it is more user-friendly than its predecessors and even counterparts. The sensors used in this security system make an automatic system that removes the need for manual operation. The placement of sensors depends on its functionality. For example, weight sensors are placed on the floor close to the exit gate. The system senses weight as soon as you step on the sensors and the automatic mechanism is triggered to open the gate. Motion sensors are usually placed either on top of a door or on sides. They sense movement or motion and trigger the automatic mechanism to open the door. When you walk towards an automatic door, you know that it will open but you can’t see the sensors because they are kept hidden for safety and improved performance. For example, weight sensors are generally covered with a rubber mat to prevent the sensors from getting crushed under the weight. But there is no such fear with motion sensors that are placed on the door frame. You can’t see the sensors but you can see them working. The door closes as soon as the sensors stop working. An automatic sensor glass door makes the best security equipment for malls and shopping areas that receive a large number of visitors. The security staff can easily keep a watch over the visitors passing through an automatic door. Functionality and reliability of this security equipment largely depend on the ability of the sensors. Also, the placement of sensors plays an important role in making a door functional. It is popular because of the flexibility it offers to users. Why should you use a Video Door Phone? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/why-should-you-use-a-video-door-phone_10578.htm Fri, 14 May 2021 15:51:38 +0530 Perhaps the home Security Solutions of today are inspired by a peephole that gives a clear view of the outside. A peephole gives a clear view of outside from inside. It is a glass eye that works from one side. Today people don’t use peepholes because they have video door phones.   What is a video door phone? This electronic Security Equipment is a phone with the video feature. It is a set of two panels – one for outside and the other for inside. The inside panel has a monitor to get outside view; a microphone for communication and control buttons to start a conversation and open the electronic lock. The outdoor panel has a camera and a microphone for conversation.   How a video door phone works? The occupant starts the system on hearing a doorbell. The visitor is asked to come before the camera and give his introduction. The occupant can see the visitor standing before his door. He opens the door only when he identifies the visitor. It is an electronic system that works without fail.   What is the biggest advantage of a video door phone? You don’t have to go out to talk to visitors like a delivery boy or salesmen. You can simply give instructions to the outsiders and remain safe. Since it is easy to use, anyone including kids can take advantage of this system.   How is a video door phone different from a CCTV? A video door phone is only for communication but a CCTV is for surveillance hence provides comprehensive Security Solutions. But a video door phone is more useful because it makes a system. If you are looking for the best Security Equipment for the safety of your home then you can consider using a video door phone. It controls the lock and allows the insider to see and talk to the outsider. A video door phone is more focused than a CCTV. What is the role of an automatic boom barrier in making an advance Security System? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/what-is-the-role-of-an-automatic-boom-barrier-in-making-an-advance-security-system_10579.htm Fri, 14 May 2021 15:52:33 +0530 When the objective is to monitor the movement of vehicles, you need a boom barrier that is a horizontal bar with vertical movement. Space saving is the biggest advantage of this security equipment that needs only a machine to move the bar up and down to control vehicular movement in parking facilities, level crossings and drawbridges.   For long, boom barriers were used to be hand operated – the bar rests on a pole with a weight tied at the pole end and a rope for movement at the other. The rope is pulled down for closing movement and let free for the opening. Today the weight is replaced with a 24VDC drive unit that moves the bar up and down with little supervision.   The latest design security equipment uses biometric testing to allow free movement of vehicles in a secured area that could be a parking lot of a residential building, mall or a government establishment. The hands-free movement of bar keeps the staff members free to perform necessary safety checks on the vehicles.     Fitted with advanced technology, the automatic electro-mechanical Boom Barriers are fast becoming popular in residential complexes where they are used to improve the safety of movement of private vehicles. They are so easy to use that the staff manning the residential complexes needs little training to operate the boom barriers.     The 24VDC motor provides a multiple access system that includes a push button that makes the simplest system. The security equipment can be changed according to needs like remote control, RFID tags and loop detectors. Convenient installation, operation and maintenance further improve the usability of boom barriers.     Improved functionality increased the demand and the demand inspired the manufacturers to design boom barriers of different sizes to suit individual needs. For example, a boom barrier with a small length can be used to control human access in malls and other areas with high footfall. What is the purpose of choosing Best Led Ceiling lights for Home? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/what-is-the-purpose-of-choosing-best-led-ceiling-lights-for-home_12390.htm Mon, 21 Feb 2022 11:29:15 +0530     The purpose of lighting a room is to provide uniform illumination throughout the room and to highlight objects. LED Lights are more efficient and last longer compared to incandescent, fluorescents lights. They provide cool light temperatures where it doesn’t emit more heat.  Choosing the right Led Lights and fixtures in a unique style is not so easy with a wide range of variants in the market. Most of the buyers are unaware of how to choose Led fixtures best suit them and change the mood in a room. The Biggest economical savings are Reusing, Reducing, Recycling and Refusing. Initially going green will cost you a bit of money gradually you can see a big difference in Electricity bills where you can see the consumption of electricity is very low. The longer you make something last the more you will save money. To get an Amazing look for your home you need to select the best Quality LED Ceiling light that lasts long, save Energy and has less maintenance. Ceiling lights come in different kinds of styles and shapes which brings a good look to your home. LED lights meet all your lighting requirements easily. Go Green Go Economical Use LED Lights. Best lights illuminate Life. Looking to buy an Affordable & Best LED TV near you http://www.cintindia.com/blog/looking-to-buy-an-affordable-best-led-tv-near-you_13142.htm Tue, 05 Jul 2022 14:00:54 +0530   CINT offers you the Best Quality LED TV for your home. C I Network Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Home Automation Company in Ahmedabad with the brand name “CINT”. It was established in the Year 1992 with the aim of providing Home to Homeland Security Services in India.   With a passion for technology, CINT entered Consumer Electronics to deliver premium quality consumer electronic goods at affordable prices to the end consumer. CINT Brand is available on E-commerce platforms like Flipkart & Amazon. It is essential for C I Network Technologies to cater to high-quality consumer electronics over various marketplaces to fulfil consumer needs.   In today’s world, television has entered each and every home. It has turned into a basic need. But while choosing the Best LED TV for your Home, it not only fits your Living Room, it also should give you a feeling like being in a theatre and watching your favourite movies. The entire ambience of your living room depends on the size of the TV, colour and quality. So, while you are searching for LED manufacturers near you, you get information about the LED TV manufacturing company and check whether the company is providing sales after service.   We are one of the leading Manufacturers & wholesale LED TV suppliers in India and deliver the product worldwide. With an aim of gaining customer satisfaction, we are providing you with the best service. There are many Smart LED TV Manufacturing Companies in India. When you browse it online you get the data. This will help you to reach the right destination and get information about the companies, their products & service. Where are Bollard Barriers Used? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/where-are-bollard-barriers-used_13293.htm Tue, 09 Aug 2022 10:19:00 +0530 A Bollard is a standalone pole which is made up of high-grade stainless steel Material designed to allow authorised entry for High-security purposes at Army, Industrial, Government and Commercial Buildings or streets which are located nearby Traffic areas. CINT manufactures CINT AV/Bollards-H. These automatic Bollard Barriers are designed to control the speed of the vehicle for safety concerns. These Bollards can be used in different areas as per your requirement. These Bollards work on electro-hydraulic Mechanisms. This mechanism helps the Bollards to move up and down smoothly within less time. These security bollards and barriers come with a control panel. They can be operated with a switch or Remote. The Typical raise/lower time is 3sec. We can also design the system to raise/lower in 1.5sec. Automatic Bollard Technology is used for High security to Block a particular Area without allowing unauthorised vehicle entry by raising bollards automatically. This can be controlled remotely from a security post as well. It’s an effective way to prevent heavy vehicle entry. CINT Automatic Traffic Bollards work in all weather conditions. These bollards can be customised as per the client’s requirements. Once the bollard is installed and if no vehicle gets in contact with it then there is very little maintenance required. These are used to Protect against heavy vehicle entry but still allow for pedestrians through it. If you are looking for Automatic Bollard Barriers We are one of the best Bollard barriers Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. What is the difference between Hydraulic Bollard Barrier and Pneumatic Bollard Barrier? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/what-is-the-difference-between-hydraulic-bollard-barrier-and-pneumatic-bollard-barrier_13552.htm Thu, 06 Oct 2022 16:30:35 +0530   Bollard Barriers are typically found at restricted areas and parking facilities to prevent automotive vehicles from entering or diverting the traffic by allowing pedestrians. In the present scenario, we find there is an increase in demand for Automatic Bollard Barriers for Protection purposes. These smart Automatic blocking Bollards are used to allow authorized vehicle entry into a restricted area. These Security Bollards acts as both visual and physical Barrier.  In this, I would like to explain to you the difference between Hydraulic Bollards and Pneumatic Bollards.  As the name suggests, in Hydraulic Bollards we use Hydraulic fluids to generate a large amount of power that is required to raise and lower the Hydraulic Bollards and for Pneumatic Bollards compressed gas is used for power transmission. Generally as the medium of Automatic raising Bollards changes again a question is raised which is the Best Automatic Bollard?  Both the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Bollards are ideal for Heavy duty operation.  But the usage of these Bollards depends on the location of Installation.  If you are installing these Automatic raising Bollards in low-temperature areas then pneumatic security Bollards are used because if the temperature is very low the hydraulic fluids get thicker and there may be a chance of breaking down the operation of the Bollards. So we suggest using pneumatic bollards in low-temperature areas. Maintenance of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Bollards:  For good maintenance of Hydraulic Bollards, we have to use hydraulic fluids regularly. This increases the maintenance cost. But in Pneumatic Bollards the maintenance cost is low as we use the air compressor. The price of Hydraulic bollards is high compared to Pneumatic Bollards as it smoothly rises and lowers the Bollard compared to the Pneumatic Bollard. This content is for informational purposes only. If you are looking for the Best Security  Bollards Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Please do contact us for more details. We are manufacturers of Automatic Security systems with an experience of 30+ years in the industry.   How to choose Best CCTV Camera for Home and Industrial Security? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-to-choose-best-cctv-camera-for-home-and-industrial-security_13571.htm Fri, 14 Oct 2022 12:50:06 +0530 It may sound strange, but before you choose a CCTV camera, you must be aware of the reason why you want to use a security camera and where you want to use it. Before you go to purchase a CCTV camera, you must have a minimum idea of technical CCTV specifications. In the following article, I will help you with a few guidelines for choosing the Best CCTV camera for Home & Office. Nowadays, we can see that technology is improving day by day, which is making our lives simpler. In the current situation, due to the threat of increasing crimes, thefts, and attacks, there is an increase in the demand for surveillance cameras. Security cameras are used by everyone for real-time video monitoring and as evidence to find perpetrators. Guidelines for choosing the Best CCTV camera for home and office security:  There are currently two types of security cameras on the market: AHD cameras and IP cameras. IP cameras are based on the latest technology, and they are booming in the market. It is a type of digital security camera that receives and sends footage through an IP network.  ·      If you are looking to place a CCTV camera in an indoor environment like a storeroom, shop, conference rooms, lifts etc., dome cameras are used. Based on the area of the room you require to cover, you have to select the lens and IR distance.  ·      Basically, in dome cameras, we have lenses from 2.4 to 3.6mm. Generally, 20-30mtr IR distance cameras are widely used indoors. In dome cameras, the view angle is greater.  ·      For outdoor areas like entrances of offices, traffic junctions, parking areas etc., we use bullet cameras as they are capable of providing details over a longer distance. ·      Generally, varifocal cameras are used for covering larger areas of coverage. These cameras help us to see both close up and at a distance.  ·      PTZ Cameras are used mostly outside of industrial areas, schools, hostels, residential areas, etc. to cover greater distances. They can cover a 360-degree area. We can see objects that are far away from us.  ·      Fisheye cameras are mostly used at airports, traffic signals, parking areas, etc. They have wide angle coverage, which can provide the object image clearly with fewer blind spots.  ·      Vandalism Resistant Security cameras are designed to protect the security camera lens from physical damage. These cameras are typically used in areas that are prone to tampering.  ·      Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras are mostly used to read the vehicle's registration number. These are commonly used at traffic intersections, office parking lots, residential area entrances, and so on. ·      Explosion Proof Cameras are specially designed to monitor in explosive and hazardous areas. They are built in such a way that even if an explosion takes place, the security camera lens and body are not affected by it.  ·      WiFi safety cameras are used for monitoring where there is no possibility of using wires. These are widely used for monitoring fields, farm animals, etc.  In this article we have discussed the types of cameras, their purposes, and where they are widely used. If you still have any queries, please reach out to us at info@cintindia.com  Benefits of CCTV Camera Installation at Home, Office & Public Places http://www.cintindia.com/blog/benefits-of-cctv-camera-installation-at-home-office-public-places_13694.htm Fri, 04 Nov 2022 14:08:43 +0530 In the present scenario, we came across many cases like Kidnapping, Molesting, Murdering, etc. Many of these cases are unresolved the only reason behind this is there is no evidence. So it’s better to install security cameras at Home, Offices & Public places. Recently we came across News stating that Delhi has taken a head forward in Installing CCTV Cameras in Public Places. This is an action plan for enhancing women’s safety and reducing the crime rate in the city. In this article, I would like to discuss the uses of CCTV Security Cameras ·         Installation of CCTV Cameras at your home provides safety & Security to Children and the elderly at Home. ·         It keeps an eye on the people roaming around the House premises. ·         A surveillance camera ensures the safety of our property. ·         CCTV Cameras are used to monitor the work Environment ·         To keep an eye on Employee movement ·         CCTV Cameras act as deterrents to Burglars & Criminals ·         The installation of CCTV Cameras reduces the crime rate in the country. ·         CCTV Cameras footage can be used as evidence for criminal cases. ·         Installing CCTV cameras secures sensitive information related to business, Property etc. ·         Cost Effective ·         We can remotely monitor our property.     Installation of CCTV cameras must be done in the areas where the crime rate is high. This improves the good Behaviour of all the citizens. As it captures all the actions no one dares to do illegal activities, Harassment, Sexual abuse & criminal activities etc.   If you are looking to install a CCTV camera at your premises kindly Contact Us. Along with CCTV Cameras, we also manufacture Network Video Recorders (NVR), Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Many more. To submit your Enquiry click on Enquiry Form. How to Improve Home Security? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-to-improve-home-security_13754.htm Sat, 19 Nov 2022 15:19:42 +0530 How to Improve Home Security? A Home is a perfect place for everyone to enjoy, relax and spend time with Family members. It’s a comfort zone to do whatever we wish. In case you observe any suspicious activities around or nearby your home your mental harmony get disturbs. So it's very important to secure your Home from Burglars. These tips help you to protect your home from Theft.   Here are 5 Improvised Home security ideas ·                Install Video Door phone ·               Set up Security cameras ·               Intruder alarm Kit ·               Fire Alarm system ·               Use Motion Sensor Lights   Install Video Door Phone: To know who is at the door entrance install a Video door phone it helps you to see and communicate with the person outside the door. If it’s an unknown person know the purpose of the visit and then open the door. If you suspect the person inform your security personnel or your family member who left for work. A Video door phone is very useful for providing security for women & children staying alone at Home and it also avoids unwanted persons from entering your Home.    Set up Security cameras: Smart Security camera Installation at your home can provide you freedom from Intruders, Burglaries. Security systems deter all the criminal activities happening around your Home. Security cameras can help you to monitor your Home from anywhere & at any time. It helps you to arrive at the right time without happening any property loss or vandalism.   Intruder alarm Kit:  Intruder alarm kits act as deterrents for Burglars. They notify the property owners when someone tries to break into the property. It helps you to respond before the intrusion happens. Following security precautions at home helps you to secure your property & Family members.   Fire Alarm Kit: The fire alarm system helps you to protect your property & family from fire dangers by alerting you when detecting fire. These fire alarm kits detect both Heat & smoke. It alerts everyone with audible alarm sounds.   Motion Sensor Lights: Use motion sensor lights in the garden area or balcony So that when someone enters they automatically turn on. It indicates to you when someone comes close to your property. They act as criminal deterrents.    Following these improvised Home safety precautions helps you to protect your family & Property. So are you ready to get protected from Intruders? Contact us at info@cintindia.com. C I Network Technologies is one of the best security products manufacturing companies in Ahmedabad. We serve our customers with High Quality, reliable products at competitive prices. What would be the scope of the Best Home security system Manufacturing Companies in the Market? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/what-would-be-the-scope-of-the-best-home-security-system-manufacturing-companies-in-the-market_13862.htm Wed, 30 Nov 2022 15:02:56 +0530 The global market for Home security systems has risen to USD 56.9 Billion which means there is good scope for Home security system companies in the Market. The Home security products are used to inspect intrusion & restrict unauthorized entry into a secured zone. Using these Home security products helps to secure the Home premises and valuable properties from Burglary. To provide a better future security system manufacturing companies are striving hard and investing huge amounts in Research and Development. The top Home security system manufacturers are looking to manufacture cost-effective & easy to install security products.  As of now, we have a wide range of security products in the market like wired CCTV cameras, wireless CCTV cameras, Color night vision cameras, motion detection sensors, etc. In the coming years, the global Home security system market is expected to reach USD 93.06 Billion. Installing Home security systems can scare intruders to enter your premises. The potential risk for a Home without a security system is very high so to overcome the risk the use of security products increased day by day.  So Home security camera Companies are investing a lot in R & D to manufacture a high-quality security products with all the advanced features. A Home security system includes Security Cameras, Smoke detectors, Fire detectors, motion sensors, Glass breaker detection, etc. If you are looking for advanced security for your Home we are one of the top Security product manufacturers. Kindly contact us if you have any queries regarding the usage & application of security products.  Why the PCB Assembly service is important in Electronics Industry? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/why-the-pcb-assembly-service-is-important-in-electronics-industry_13908.htm Mon, 12 Dec 2022 12:33:09 +0530 Printed Circuit Board Assembly plays an important role in interconnecting the components. It’s the heart of Electronic products. The printed circuit Board Assembly market is expanding due to an increase in the use of consumer electronic products. However, the process of printed circuit Board Assembly is time-consuming. To simplify the production process Electronics manufacturing companies are using professional printed circuit Board Assembly services. This helps manufacturing companies in saving their time in a cost-effective manner. Choosing a professional PCB Assembly service can help the manufacturer to deliver the product to the client on time. C I Network Technologies Pvt Ltd an Indian-based company located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat is offering printed circuit board Assembly service using the latest Technology. Our team is expertise in building high complex PCB Assembly using Surface Mount Technology. According to the client’s requirement, we customise the printed circuit Board Assembly. We have set up our manufacturing unit with the equipment and highly skilled resources which helps us in meeting 100% client satisfaction. We are specialized in contract Electronic Manufacturing Services for a wide range of Electronic products. We offer a top-notch quality assembling service i.e. RoHS & Eco-friendly. You can contact us for PCB-level assembly, system testing, and box building. For more details contact us at info@cintindia.com          Benefits of using Boom Barriers for Traffic control and security http://www.cintindia.com/blog/benefits-of-using-boom-barriers-for-traffic-control-and-security_14076.htm Mon, 09 Jan 2023 16:07:40 +0530   Boom Barriers are popularly used for traffic control and restricting unauthorized entry into Residential areas. They offer a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include  Restricted Entry: These barriers with RFID vehicle tags allow only authorized vehicles. When an authorized vehicle enters the boom barrier automatically opens and closes the gate without any physical intervention. Any vehicle without access will not be allowed to cross the barrier. They are allowed only after a physical security check. Efficient Security Check:  These automatic boom barriers are operated with Remote control, Push buttons, or sensors.  This helps the residential areas or commercial areas to provide a high level of security. These automatic boom barriers provide the best and most efficient security at entry and exit of residential or commercial areas. Durable: These automatic boom barriers are made with high-grade stainless steel material to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Not required any thermal protection suitable for all types of weather conditions. Customizable: The automatic boom barriers are customizable according to the client's needs and specific location needs. They come in a wide range of sizes and the opening and closing time of the barrier can be adjusted according to the client's needs. Easy to Use: The automatic boom barriers are easy to operate where they can be operated without any training. They can be controlled remotely, manually, or automatically according to the need of the client. Cost–Effective: These automatic Boom Barriers are cost-effective for providing a solution for controlling traffic. It saves a lot of money and provides high security in long run. The maintenance cost of Boom barriers is very low.   If you are looking for Boom Barrier Installation in your area or want to know more about it visit our website at www.cintindia.com or contact us at info@cintindia.com.   How to choose the best hand-held metal detector manufacturing company http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-to-choose-the-best-hand-held-metal-detector-manufacturing-company_14263.htm Wed, 08 Feb 2023 09:52:03 +0530 A Hand Held   metal detector is a portable and lightweight device that uses electromagnetic fields to detect metal objects. These are commonly used for security purposes at malls, banks, airports, etc. Managing security in public areas like banks, airports, schools, etc. is not so easy. To address this concern, C.I. Network Technologies manufactured the GP008 handheld metal detector. It works efficiently at detecting offensive weapons and metals with high sensitivity. We have many metal detector manufacturing companies in India. We are one of the best hand-held metal detector manufacturing companies in India. Our hand-held metal detector is designed to meet all the requirements of Security Industries. At C.I. Network Technologies, our main motto is to deliver the best hand-held metal detector. When selecting the best hand-held metal detector, consider the following points: Detection Ability: While choosing an HHMD, it must meet your requirements. The design of HHMD detection area must be designed in such a way it must be highly sensitive in detecting metal objects. Our unique design makes the HHMD more sensitive when detecting dangerous metal objects. Durability: Make sure the body of the hand-held metal detector is sturdy so that it can withstand regular usage. At CINT, we manufacture highly durable, scratch-proof, and ABS-model casings. It withstands wear and tear. Portability: Ensure the HHMD is lightweight and portable. Environment-Friendly: Check whether the product is RoHS-compliant. We provide you with the best HHMD that is environment friendly. Our HHMD is water-resistant and works in any weather condition. Interference: Ensure that it does not harm the wearers of pacemakers, pregnant women, or magnetic storage devices. We provide the HHMD, which does not impact pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, etc.   If you are looking for the best HHMD manufacturers, kindly contact us at info@cintindia.com. We provide you with the best Hand Held metal detector which perfectly suits your requirement. How to choose the best Electronic manufacturing service provider http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-to-choose-the-best-electronic-manufacturing-service-provider_14265.htm Wed, 08 Feb 2023 10:23:26 +0530 If you are looking for the Best Electronic manufacturing companies in India there are several factors to consider Manufacturing Capability: When you are looking for Electronic manufacturing services check for a service provider who has enough capability of resources for production. Quality:  Make sure that the company has a proven record of high-quality products that meets all the standards of  Industries. Lead Time: Ensure the time for the production of the products meets your desired timeline. Cost: Get the quote from multiple contract electronic manufacturing service providers and make sure you are getting the best price. Assistance:  Make sure the service provider is assisting whenever required. This makes the business run smoothly. Certifications &  Compliance: Look for a provider that has certifications like ISO, IATF, and compliance with RoHS & other regulations. References: Ask for the companies to submit a reference of other companies who have taken service from us. It's very important to make sure that the company is following all the above-mentioned factors. It's better to visit the manufacturing unit and meet with the team for a better understanding of production capabilities.               If you are looking for best Electronic manufacturing services in India contact us at info@cintindia.com for more details. We offer best contract manufacturing services  at competitive pricing. How do door frame metal detectors work? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-do-door-frame-metal-detectors-work_14454.htm Thu, 09 Mar 2023 16:25:31 +0530 The main purpose of a doorframe metal detector is to detect metal objects hidden inside. Door frame metal detectors play a crucial role in enhancing security at airports, railway stations, and other public areas. Door frame metal detectors are used to detect concealed weapons on the human body and prevent acts of violence, terrorism, crime, etc. Door frame metal detectors are also called walk-through metal detectors. These are installed at the entrances. These door frame metal detectors work on the electromagnetic principle, which involves the use of electromagnetic fields to detect metallic objects on the human body. Door frame metal detectors typically use two types of electromagnetic fields: one is pulse induction, and the other is low-frequency oscillation. Pulse induction door frame metal detectors create a short magnetic field when a metal passes through this field, triggers an alarm. A low-frequency oscillation metal detector uses two coils to generate an electromagnetic field and interact with metal objects. The sensitivity of a DFMD can be adjusted to detect particular metal objects like weapons, bombs, guns, etc. Door frame metal detectors are efficiently used in preventing weapons, bombs, etc. from entering security areas. We are one of the top door frame metal detector manufacturing companies in India, located in Ahmadabad. If you are looking for a walk-through metal detector, kindly contact us at info@cintindia.com. How do X-ray baggage scanners work? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/how-do-x-ray-baggage-scanners-work_14712.htm Tue, 18 Apr 2023 12:46:57 +0530   X-ray baggage scanners use electromagnetic radiation, also called as X-rays, used to create images of items in the bags or packages. This process involves transmitting X-rays through the object being scanned and then capturing the image using a detector. When a beam of X-rays transmits through an object, some of the rays are observed by the object and the rest pass through it. The rays that pass through the object are captured on a detector that produces visible light when struck by X-rays. The visible light was then converted to a signal that created an image of the items present inside the object. The image produced by the scanner shows different items inside the bag or package, such as clothing, food, metals, dangerous weapons, etc. The image is formed by analysing the levels of X-ray absorption by the different items present inside the bag. Materials with high densities, like metals, absorb more rays and appear brighter on the captured image, while materials with low densities absorb only a few rays and appear dark in the image. To detect potential security threats such as weapons and explosives, these X-ray baggage scanners are integrated with advanced software. This software is used to analyse the density and shape of the items inside the bag within the scanned image to identify potential hazards. The images produced by the scanner are viewed by trained security personnel, who are responsible for interpreting the images and assessing whether any further action is required, such as additional screening. Overall, the X-ray baggage scanners play a crucial role in maintaining airport, railway station and transport hub security by helping to prevent potentially hazardous items. Therefore, X-ray baggage scanners are widely recognised as an essential machine for safeguarding passengers and reducing security risks while travelling. If you are looking for X-ray baggage scanner kindly contact us at info@cintindia.com or call +91-9999864430. For more details visit our website www.cintindia.com.   What is Electronic Manufacturing service? http://www.cintindia.com/blog/what-is-electronic-manufacturing-service_14714.htm Wed, 19 Apr 2023 09:32:06 +0530   The term Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) is used to describe companies that provide contract manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) in the electronic industry. Electronic manufacturing service providers can offer a variety of services like design and development, component sourcing, stenciling, SMT assembly, THT assembly, mechanical assembly (box building), quality assurance, testing, etc. EMS providers have the capability to manufacture a diverse array of electronic products, ranging from simple printed circuit boards (PCBs) to complex electronic systems. EMS providers have the expertise and resources to handle all types of electronic manufacturing. This helps the OEMs improve operational efficiencies and focus on research and development (R&D). EMS providers work with OEMs in a wide range of industries like aerospace & defence, consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, robotics & automation, EMS providers offer a wide range of solutions like turnkey manufacturing services, consignment manufacturing, and hybrid manufacturing. Turnkey manufacturing involves the complete process of manufacturing, from product design to delivery, which is handled by an EMS provider. On the other hand, consignment manufacturing involves the OEMs providing necessary components and materials for the manufacturing process, while the EMS provider is responsible for the assembly and testing of products. Hybrid manufacturing is a combination of both turnkey manufacturing and consignment manufacturing. Hence, EMS providers play a crucial role in the electronic industry, as they allow OEMs to delegate their manufacturing requirements to a specialized EMS provider while still maintaining control over intellectual property and product designs. This allows OEMs to focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives, while EMS providers use their expertise to deliver top-notch quality products at a competitive price. If you are looking for contract electronic manufacturing services, you are at the right place. Call us immediately at +91-9650297934. We are driven by the desire to address worldwide electronic manufacturing challenges. Our goal is to offer end-to-end solutions, from product design to delivery, which meets the unique needs of our customers in the market.   Benefits of Partnering with a Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider http://www.cintindia.com/blog/benefits-of-partnering-with-a-turnkey-electronic-manufacturing-service-provider_14853.htm Wed, 03 May 2023 16:15:55 +0530 Partnering with a Turnkey Electronic manufacturing service provider can benefit a wide range of businesses. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with a turnkey Electronic manufacturing service provider Simplified Supply chain Management: Turnkey Electronic manufacturing service providers can offer a one stop shop for all the aspects of Manufacturing process including component sourcing, PCB assembly, Quality Testing & Box – Building. This helps simplify supply chain management. There is no need to work with multiple vendors, which reduces the cost. Accelerated time to market: With the help of Turnkey Electronic manufacturing service providers, businesses can move quickly from design to production as all the components are in-house. This can substantially cut down the time to market, which allows businesses to bring their products to market faster than expected. Top -notch manufacturing: Turnkey Electronic manufacturing service providers usually have an expertise & experienced team in electronic manufacturing, which results in higher-quality products with no defects. We often use state-of-the-art technology and processes to make sure that the products are manufactured with the highest level of quality. Cost Efficiency : By Partnering with Turnkey Electronic manufacturing service provider, businesses can often benefit  from economies of scale and reduce component costs. Additionally, industries can avoid costs associated with manpower, building & maintaining in house manufacturing facilities etc. Flexibility : Businesses partnering with Electronic manufacturing service provider can get greater flexibility in terms of production volume and lead times. This is highly beneficial for small businesses and start ups that may not have enough resources to scale production. Overall, partnering with turnkey Electronic manufacturing service provider can provide various benefits for small businesses looking to outsource their manufacturing needs by simplifying the supply chain management, reducing time to market, reducing costs, and improving quality of product. These turnkey Electronic manufacturing service providers can help businesses in achieving their manufacturing goals more effectively & efficiently. CINT provides the ultimate solution for safety: CINT Automatic Bollard Barriers redefine safety measures http://www.cintindia.com/blog/cint-provides-the-ultimate-solution-for-safety-cint-automatic-bollard-barriers-redefine-safety-measu_15895.htm Thu, 14 Sep 2023 09:57:13 +0530 With increasing threats and crimes, prioritising safety has become even more crucial in today's era, so it’s very important to take advanced safety measures. CINT has designed its automatic bollard barriers with the latest technology that can effectively protect public places, commercial premises, and residential premises from unauthorised entry.  Automatic bollard barriers are also known as physical barriers. By raising and lowering the barriers, they control vehicle access to restricted premises. For durability and to withstand high-impact forces, these bollards are made with high-grade stainless steel. It works on the principle of either mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms. The bollard barriers come in various optional variants based on the required security level. So the client can customise their bollard barrier according to their security needs. We transform their customization ideas into reality through the expertise of our dedicated team. There are various benefits to using automatic bollard barriers. They act as a physical barrier to deter potential threats. Bollards can be accessed using various methods, like a remote, push button, card reader, etc. Improving Security with Automatic Bollard Barriers The advanced security features of automatic bollard barriers are specially designed to prevent unauthorised access or vehicle attacks on restricted areas. By effectively controlling the entry and exit points, automatic bollard barriers ensure that only authorised vehicles can gain access. Combining the capabilities of automatic bollard barriers with state-of-the-art surveillance technology empowers security personnel to significantly elevate comprehensive security measures. Features of Automatic Bollard Barriers:   Enhanced security: One of the key advantages of automatic bollard barriers is that they enforce access for only authorised vehicles. The security personnel can prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering restricted areas. These bollards can be integrated with access control systems to provide high security while allowing the entry of authorised personnel and denying entry to unauthorised personnel. Traffic Management: These automatic bollards enhance safety by controlling vehicular access and improving overall traffic flow in modern traffic management systems. These retractable posts are designed to regulate vehicular movements in restricted areas, contributing to enhanced security and efficient urban planning. Access Control and Safety: Automatic bollards are often deployed in areas where controlled access is required, such as pedestrian zones, bus lanes, and restricted areas. These bollards prevent traffic congestion and reduce the risk of accidents in sensitive zones by automatically retracting into the ground to allow authorised vehicles to pass through and rising to block unauthorised vehicles. Integration with Technology: These automatic bollards are often equipped with various technologies, such as sensors, cameras, and remote control systems. These features allow for real-time monitoring and adjustment of bollard positions, helping authorities respond swiftly to changing traffic situations. Remote monitoring and control: Automatic bollard barriers are designed and equipped with advanced technologies that enable remote monitoring and control. Through a centralised management system, security personnel can monitor the status of each barrier in real time. Additionally, these barriers can be controlled remotely, allowing for immediate response to security threats or changing traffic conditions.   If you're in search of top-notch automatic bollard barriers, please visit our website at www.cintindia.com or reach out to us at +91-9650297934. Photoelectric sensors in Boom barrier automation - Recognise the fundamental importance of these safety sensors in gate automation. http://www.cintindia.com/blog/photoelectric-sensors-in-boom-barrier-automation-recognise-the-fundamental-importance-of-these-safet_15994.htm Mon, 25 Sep 2023 16:53:58 +0530 A photoelectric sensor is a device used to detect the presence, absence, or certain characteristics of an object with the help of light. It works by emitting a light beam and then detecting changes in the light beam when it interacts with an object. Photoelectric sensors are widely used in various applications for automation and detection.   With these state-of-the-art sensors, our automatic boom barriers play an important role in understanding the fundamental importance of safety. It ensures the boom barrier responds quickly to any obstacle, providing a seamless security experience for both residential and commercial gate automation. Our boom barriers with photoelectric sensors are engineered to prioritise safety by detecting any obstruction in the barrier path, thus reducing the risk of accidents. In this blog, we will delve into the core importance of sensors in automating boom barriers.   Benefits of integrating a photoelectric sensor with the boom barrier    Accurate vehicle detection  Accurate obstacle identification is a fundamental aspect of gate automation. Photoelectric sensors excel at precisely detecting vehicles, ensuring that boom barriers activate and deactivate precisely as needed. This accuracy results in shorter wait times, smoother traffic flow, and an elevated overall user experience.   Enhanced Safety  Safety is paramount in all access control systems. When an object, whether it be a vehicle or a person, crosses the sensor's beam, it promptly initiates a halt in the barrier's movement, effectively preventing potential accidents and damage.   Weather Resistance  Photoelectric sensors are designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, such as rain, fog, and dust. This durability ensures consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for gate automation systems, whether used indoors or outdoors.   Minimal Maintenance  One important advantage of using photoelectric sensors is their low maintenance requirements. These sensors are robust and long-lasting, resulting in less frequent repairs or replacements. This not only saves maintenance expenses but also minimizes operational disruptions. Elevate your safety standards and transform your gate automation experience. Invest in our automatic boom barriers integrated with photoelectric sensors today, and let your barrier understand the significance of safety like never before. Secure your property effortlessly, because your safety is paramount. For more details, visit our website, www.cintindia.com, or call us at +91-9650297934.