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Detection Equipment

Detection is the process of surveillance where the collected data is segregated for individual monitoring of things under surveillance. It helps in detecting the presence of strangers and locating foreign objects in any given area. In detection, the surveillance is taken to the ground level where everyone and everything present in the area under surveillance is individually examined. It is a physical examination done with detection tools. A door frame metal detector is a good example of a detection device. These devices can detect everything from explosives to smoke. Availability of detection technology allows users to select devices according to their needs.


  • Hand Held Metal Detector

    Hand Held Metal Detector

    A handheld metal detector is a security device useful for physical inspection of human traffic and small luggage and bags. The handy design improves its functionality and the high-end technology detects the presence of metals in any form

  • Smoke Detector

    Smoke Detector

    Sensitivity : -112dbM

    Relative humidity : 5%~95%

    Standby current : 100mA

    Working power : 12V&1.5A

    Body Material : Plastic

  • Deep Search Metal Detector

    Deep Search Metal Detector

    Weight : 0-50kg

    Power : 1.2Vx4 NI-CD Battery 1.5Vx4 Dry Battery. 12 Hours Continuous Operation.

    Diameter : 16 and 10 inch

    Low power : 7.2V +0.2 V 7.2V-0.2V

    Operating Operating : -10 C to + 50 C

  • Dual Frequency Mine Detector

    Dual Frequency Mine Detector

    Operating Length : 1500mm/59.4ins to 750mm/30ins

    Operating weight with batteries : 3.2kg/7lbs

    Operating weight without Battery Pack : 2.3kg/5lbs

    Battery Pack with batteries : 0.9kg/2lbs

    Pulse Induction : Bi-polar Multi-Period-Sensing

  • Explosive Detector

    Explosive Detector

    Sensitivity : Capable of detecting at least 10-13g/cm³ TNT at+20°C, 80%RH non condensing

    Warm up Time : No more than 10 Seconds

    Analysis Time : No more than 1 Second

    Storage Of Data : On the unit itself and also can be downloaded onto a laptop using a proprietary software

    Type : Hand held/Portable

  • Fire Alarm

    Fire Alarm

    AC Input Power : 120 W

    Wireless Frequency : 433mhz

    Body Material : Plastic

    Mounting type : Wall mounted

    Temperature Range : 30 Degree C~ +70 Degree C

  • Heat Detector

    Heat Detector

    Type : Automatic

    Material : Plastic

    Feature : Light Weight

    Power Source : Electric

    Warranty : 1 Year

  • Mail Detector

    Mail Detector

    Dissipation Power : .5 KW

    Operating Temperature : -10 TO 60 C

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Display Type : Digital

    Power Source : Battery

  • NLJ Detector

    NLJ Detector

    Operating Humidity : 95%

    Material : Plastic

    Power Source : Electric

    Feature : Light Weight

    Warranty : 1 Year

  • Search Light

    Search Light

    Application : Industrial

    Light Source : Fluorescent

    Bulb/Globes : E27 standard screw

    Port : IGI AIRPOT

    Lead Time : 3-10

  • Intruder Alarm Kit

    Intruder Alarm Kit

    Material : PVC

    Feature : Heat Resistant, High Accuracy, High Volume

    Voltage : 110V

    Power Source : Battery

    Warranty : 1Year

  • Door Frame Metal Detector

    Door Frame Metal Detector

    A door frame metal detector, also called a walk-through detection unit, is used for making a temporary entry point to screen the human traffic passing through a given area. The traffic is passed through the screening machine to check whether

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