SMT Assembly


  • A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) loader is a device used to automate the process of loading PCB’s onto a production line. It is designed to efficiently handle and transport PCB’s from one stage of the manufacturing process to another.
  • The main purpose of a PCB loader is to increase the productivity and efficiency of PCB assembly. It typically consists of a conveyor system or a magazine that holds multiple PCBs. The loader uses a combination of mechanical arms, belts, and sensors to feed the PCBs onto the production line in a controlled manner.


  • A PCB stencil is used in the process of applying solder paste onto a printed circuit board (PCB) during surface mount technology (SMT) assembly. It is a thin sheet, typically made of stainless steel or polyester film, that has precise openings or cutouts corresponding to the solder pads on the PCB.
  • The purpose of a PCB stencil is to ensure accurate and consistent application of solder paste onto the solder pads of the PCB before components are placed. The stencil acts as a guide for depositing the solder paste in the right locations and in the right amounts.


  • Measurement Capabilities: Insufficient Paste, Excessive Paste, Missing-Paste, Bridging, Shape Deformity, Paste Displacement, Volume, Height, XY Position, Area
  • Optical Measurement Unit: Vision Algorithm: 3D/PSMI (Phase Shifting Moire Interferometry)
  • Software: 3D Inspection GUI, Gerber conversion software, SPC Plus software (Statistical Process Control) Operating System:Microsoft Windows 10



  • Industry leader in loadable parts quantity with up to 130-part supple for any type of production with the flexibility to support part type changes.
  • Flexibly supports high-speed placement of chip parts, as well as high-mix production using many large parts and odd-form parts.
  • Supports various types of part supply packages from tape parts to tray and stick supplied parts, meeting the needs of high-mix production.
  • High speed vision processing sustains placement quality without any drop in throughput.
  • Faster part data creation, even for parts with unique shapes, further reducing the time required for adjustment.



  • A PCB reflow oven is a specialized equipment used  to solder electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB). It employs controlled heating to melt the solder paste and create reliable connections between the components and the PCB.


  • A PCB cooling conveyor is a specialized equipment used in the electronics manufacturing industry to cool down printed circuit boards (PCBs) after the reflow soldering process. It provides a controlled environment to facilitate the cooling of PCBs and ensure the integrity of the solder joints.
  • After the reflow soldering process in a reflow oven, where the solder paste has melted and formed reliable connections, the PCBs need to be gradually cooled to avoid thermal stress and maintain the integrity of the solder joints. A PCB cooling conveyor helps in achieving this cooling process efficiently and effectively.


3D Automated Optical Inspection:

  • Measurement: Missing, Offset, Rotation, Polarity, Upside down, OCV, OCR, Coplanarity, Solder fillet, lifted lead, Lifted body, Billboarding, Tombstone, Bridging, Dimension etc.
  • Optical Measurement Unit: 2D, 3D light projection unit


4 Way 3D projection Inspection Speed: 27cm2/sec

  • Software: 4 Way 3D projection



  • A PCB unloader is used to automate the process of removing printed circuit boards (PCBs) from a production line after assembly or inspection. It is designed to efficiently handle and transport PCBs from the end of the line to the next stage or for packaging. The main purpose of a PCB unloader is to increase the productivity and efficiency of the PCB assembly process by eliminating manual handling and streamlining the workflow. It typically consists of a conveyor system, mechanical arms, sensors, and other components to facilitate the smooth and controlled transfer of PCBs.

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