CINT Provides The Ultimate Solution For Safety: CINT Automatic Bollard Barriers Redefine Safety Measures

Posted by Admin on September, 14, 2023

With increasing threats and crimes, prioritising safety has become even more crucial in today's era, so it’s very important to take advanced safety measures. CINT has designed its automatic bollard barriers with the latest technology that can effectively protect public places, commercial premises, and residential premises from unauthorised entry.

Automatic bollard barriers are also known as physical barriers. By raising and lowering the barriers, they control vehicle access to restricted premises. For durability and to withstand high-impact forces, these bollards are made with high-grade stainless steel. It works on the principle of either mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms. The bollard barriers come in various optional variants based on the required security level. So the client can customise their bollard barrier according to their security needs. We transform their customization ideas into reality through the expertise of our dedicated team.

There are various benefits to using automatic bollard barriers. They act as a physical barrier to deter potential threats. Bollards can be accessed using various methods, like a remote, push button, card reader, etc.

Improving Security with Automatic Bollard Barriers

The advanced security features of automatic bollard barriers are specially designed to prevent unauthorised access or vehicle attacks on restricted areas. By effectively controlling the entry and exit points, automatic bollard barriers ensure that only authorised vehicles can gain access. Combining the capabilities of automatic bollard barriers with state-of-the-art surveillance technology empowers security personnel to significantly elevate comprehensive security measures.

Features of Automatic Bollard Barriers:

  1. Enhanced security: One of the key advantages of automatic bollard barriers is that they enforce access for only authorised vehicles. The security personnel can prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering restricted areas. These bollards can be integrated with access control systems to provide high security while allowing the entry of authorised personnel and denying entry to unauthorised personnel.
  2. Traffic Management: These automatic bollards enhance safety by controlling vehicular access and improving overall traffic flow in modern traffic management systems. These retractable posts are designed to regulate vehicular movements in restricted areas, contributing to enhanced security and efficient urban planning.
  3. Access Control and Safety: Automatic bollards are often deployed in areas where controlled access is required, such as pedestrian zones, bus lanes, and restricted areas. These bollards prevent traffic congestion and reduce the risk of accidents in sensitive zones by automatically retracting into the ground to allow authorised vehicles to pass through and rising to block unauthorised vehicles.
  4. Integration with Technology: These automatic bollards are often equipped with various technologies, such as sensors, cameras, and remote control systems. These features allow for real-time monitoring and adjustment of bollard positions, helping authorities respond swiftly to changing traffic situations.
  5. Remote monitoring and control: Automatic bollard barriers are designed and equipped with advanced technologies that enable remote monitoring and control. Through a centralised management system, security personnel can monitor the status of each barrier in real time. Additionally, these barriers can be controlled remotely, allowing for immediate response to security threats or changing traffic conditions.

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